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Stac was created in a light bulb moment

I worked from home and was often faced with the problem of Zoom calling my team and presenting with a large furry tail covering my face, or randomly typing nonsense at the pleasure of my cat’s toe beans (paws) dancing across my keyboard. This was a problem!

Then one frantic afternoon when I was being ‘comforted’ by my furry friends in my office I had a vision. If I could just flip down the honeymoon pictures from the wall (don’t tell the wife) and create a cat shelf – I am sure my cat would feel close enough without causing havoc.

Then, the idea grew… what if I had several play platforms for them to enjoy that I could disguise at the end of the day – back into a well presented office.

I realised that this is the perfect solution

A discreet cat tower for small spaces, amazing spaces and spaces for house proud cat owners. It is the perfect replacement for the large, dated cat towers that perilously lean after a few weeks of use and take up so much room.

Who wouldn’t want a playroom for the cats that can instantly be returned to a human space in a few quick swoops.

Hence ‘Stac’ the discreet, ingenious, multi-purpose climbing frame for pets was born

The design presents itself as a contemporary and classic picture frame which folds down to create an adventure playground for your energetic pet.  The solution doesn’t exclusively have to be for pets, it does create a shelf space in any situation (flowers, cards, Christmas decorations etc)

We have purposely kept the cost mid range and the design simple to ensure the product is available to as many pet owners as possible.

We hope you love the idea born within the Power family household as much as we do