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Frequently Asked Questions

- How much weight can Stac Pic hold?

Stac Pic can hold up to 6.5kg.

- How do I fix Stac Pic to the wall?

Stac Pic must be attached to the wall using fixings capable of holding 12kg. Please ensure the correct fixings are used for the type of wall you are fixing to.

- Can I replace the scratching mats on Stac Pic?

Yes the mats are available as a set of 2 from the accessories section of the website.

- Can I change the Stac Pic style of frame?

Yes, new styles of frames will be available in the coming months. This will include different colours and styles.

- Is my Stac Pic guaranteed?

Yes, Stac Pets has a 12 month warranty on the metal mechanism and the picture frame for manufacturing defects. Any manufacturing defect in the scratching mats, backing board, mount or acrylic needs to reported to Stac Pets within 14 days of delivery.

- How do I add my picture to Stac Pic?

Full instructions are included in the box. If these have been mis-laid please follow this link Instructions

- Can I use different size pictures in Stac Pic?

Yes, Stac Pic is designed so you can use it with the included mount for pictures 8” x 10” or without the mount to accommodate 10” x 12” pictures.

- Is Stac Pic safe for my cat?

Yes, Stac Pic has been tested for weights up to 10kg to ensure it is safe for cats up to 6.5kg.