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Step by step Instructions

- Inserting Your Picture into Stac Pic.

  1. Remove the mat from the platform section (held with Velcro).
  2. Carefully twist the 4 retaining clips 90 degrees (2 on each side).
  3. Lift out the back board.
  4. Place picture face down onto the frame (make sure it is correctly oriented).
  5. Replace back board.
  6. Twist the retaining clips 90 degrees onto the back board.
  7. Replace the scratching mat in place.

- Fixing Stac Pic To The Wall.

Using the template provided, align it in the position you want Stac Pic. Secure to the wall using a small piece of tape ensuring the template is straight and level. Drill pilot holes through the template using a smaller drill than the final hole size according to your fixings. Remove the template and drill the holes to the correct size for the fixings being used. Please ensure the fixings are correct for your wall type and capable of holding 12kg plus

- Changing The Stac Pic Scratching Mats.

The scratching mats are attached using Velcro and can be removed by peeling up a corner and gently pulling them away from the back/platform. Installing new scratching mats is done by aligning one end and slowly pushing the mat down onto the surface.