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The picture perfect pet tower
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Stac Pets 

Stac Pets 

Stac Pets 

Stac Pets 

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Welcome to Stac Pets, the best destination for all kinds of dog and cat grooming and pet accessories, UK. At Stac Pets, we have everything that is perfect pet related to keep your furry family members happy. As a leading pet supply store based in the UK, all our products pet needs make their lives comfortable and yours stress-free.

The Perfect Place for Product Pets and Their People Love

As a leading supplier of pet products UK, we strive to provide everything needed to keep dogs, cats and their humans happy. Browse our wide selection of dog and cat grooming essentials, interactive toys, framed pet pictures and product pet love to indulge your loyal little buddies.

The Best Kind of Fun for Your Feline Friends

Our handy Stac Pic tower entices cats to leap, lounge and scratch as instincts desire. Enchanting moments from the framed pet pictures add irrefutable charm to any living area. Or benefit to a maximum from supplemental scratching mats and toys that invite paws and claws for healthy amusement.

  • Grooming and Care – Keep your cats looking their best with our perfect pet grooming brushes and engaged with Catnip Sticks. The brushes are the best way to give them a mat-free coat, while our all-natural catnip sticks provide a burst of fun and excitement, keeping your cat active and engrossed.
  • Toys and Play – Greatly add on to your cat’s playtime with our variety of toys made to stimulate their instincts and occupy them through physical exercise.
  • Hydration and Nutrition

For your pet accessories UK collection, you also have our innovative water fountains that encourage your cats to drink more water and stay hydrated and healthy. The quiet, flowing water mimics natural sources, appealing to your cat’s instincts.

Popular Products

Providing For Your Pooches in a Premium Fashion

Please your canine pals with the perfect pet products. There are as many products as you would like to see in our collection.

  • Collars and Essentials – Choose the most apt collar that adds style to their ever-charming look. Our products pet owners love for their comfort and durability. Perfect for daily walks and training sessions.
  • Chew Sticks and Toys – Our chew sticks are made from safe materials to satisfy your dog’s chewing instincts and help maintain dental health. Paired with our fun and engaging dog toys, your pet is sure to have hours of fun and active play.

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So whether you need product recommendations for professional dog and cat grooming or looking for the latest pet accessories, UK, Stac Pets has covered you and your pet! Trust us to assist you in pet care because here at Stac Pets, we believe that every pet deserves to be a perfect pet.

Shop our collection online or visit one of our neighbourhood stores for a personalised shopping experience.

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Indulge Your Pet with Premium Accessories

Take your pet’s enjoyment to new levels with our indulgent accessories.

Whether your pet needs mental stimulation through interactive pet toys or a way to express their natural instincts with catnip sticks, we have unique products to delight them.

Go beyond basic feedings and grooming with captivating accessories that encourage activity in a fun way. Treat your loyal companion with chic accessories they will love. Contemporary framed pet pictures let you display their adorable face, while climbing towers make them feel adventurous.

Our premium collection is sure to bring them joy every day. Not only will your pet thank you, but you can also feel good knowing you have indulged them. Discover toys and products made to enrich their lives and yours.